Thursday, June 2, 2011

Life Is Precious

Precious Friends,

I just came from the funeral of a friend, Officer Kevin Will (HPD) 37. He used to come to the church, and I remember how I thought it was crazy when he decided to leave the banking industry, take a cut in pay, and be a Houston Police Officer a couple yrs. ago. I believed he would be a good preacher, though I never had the opportunity to tell him. During his training his parents, especially his dad, would come to my house a couple times a week. His Dad never stopped talking about Kevin, they are best friends. From the time I met Kevin, and his brother Todd, the Lord put a burden on me to pray for them. I remember joking with Kevin about getting him and his brother both to church on the same day, and how I always asked about them and would tell Donna, their Mother, that God had a plan for them. I just came from the funeral, and I don't think Kevin made a bad choice anymore. Our Lord Jesus Christ was honored by Kevin's life, and today I watched as through the story of his life and faith, Kevin indeed preached the message of the gospel... posthumously, to thousands. He served God, by serving His people. He loved people, and made them laugh. And as his mother said, "He Finished Strong". Please pray for Kevin's family. His wife is gonna have a Kevin Will, Jr. pretty soon.

Life is precious, and short. Love God. Love People. Tell everyone about Jesus.

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